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Opposition UNM to hold rally just before elections

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Friday, September 30
One of the main opposition parties, the United National Movement (UNM), will hold a final election campaign event at a rally on October 5.

According to a member of the UNM, Nika Melia, the rally will be attended by thousands of supporters.

“This will be the final stage of the UNM’s election campaign. It will be the largest rally of the last few years. It will occupy territory from Rose Square to Rustaveli Avenue and Liberty Square,” stated Melia.

According to him, supporters of the UNM will come from the all regions of Georgia.

He also underlined that the UNM has been preparing for this rally for the last two weeks.

Melia stated that the UNM will inform the Mayor’s Office of Tbilisi about the upcoming rally.

“According to the acting laws, we should inform the Mayor’s Office five days earlier. The UNM obeys the law,” stated Melia.

He also called upon the Georgian Dream (GD) party and asked to name the date when they plan to hold the final event of their pre-election campaign.

“We have information that GD plans to hold their final rally on October 2. However, we know that they wanted to hold rally on October 5, but since it is not a working day, they would not be able to organize taking people from government work places to the rally and that is why they changed the date. We call upon them to name a certain date of the final event,” stated Melia.

However, Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili said several days ago that GD has no plans to hold any kind of rally.

“GD has practically already won this election, and the only rally we will hold is the rally of victory on the evening of October 8,” stated Kvirikashvili.