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Election results recognised by observers

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, October 11
“I want to congratulate everyone on the conduct of parliamentary elections. Everyone estimated the elections as transparent, free and democratic. I want to thank our people for showing high civic responsibility,” the PM said yesterday after the elections of October 8.

“I also want to thank international and local non-governmental organizations for monitoring the elections. I would like to emphasize the assessment made by the OSCE, according to which the elections were held in a competitive, transparent, fair and democratic atmosphere”, Kvirikashvili added.

He stressed the international observation missions have already congratulated Georgia on the conduct of the elections, which meant that the democratic pre-election environment was ensured and free and fair elections were held.

Kvirikashvili thanked the Central Election Commission and representatives of the election administration. According to him, their unbiased work conditioned the high standards of the elections.

The PM also stated the opposition United National Movement, which gained 27.14% of votes in proportional voting, had attempted to cause unrest before the election.

Kvirikashvili added that the police were investigating some incidents and clashes which occurred on the election day.

Meanwhile, the UNM has accused the ruling party of falsifying the votes and says the party representatives are discussing ways of how the party will act in the future.

The media said one of the topics of the discussions was whether the party entered the parliament or boycotted the results.

Georgia has a mixed electoral system, in which 77 lawmakers elected through party lists and the remaining 73 in majoritarian voting.

The ruling Georgian Dream party gained 48,6 % of votes in proportional voting and about 20 majoritarian seats.

In 50 majoritarian constituencies second rounds are scheduled as none of the candidates managed to overcome 50% threshold.

In 44 constituencies out of 50 ,the ruling party and the UNM will oppose each other.

Georgia’s ex-President and now Odessa Governor in Ukraine, Mikheil Saakashvili said he could see “no motivation for UNM candidates' participation in any second rounds”.

He stressed Bidzina Ivansihvili, the founder of the current ruling Georgian Dream, which defeated the nine-year rule of the UNM in 2012, “would ensure” the ruling team will win the majoritarian race.

Based on the Central Election Commission’s outcomes in nearly almost all majoritarian constituencies where the second rounds are scheduled, the ruling party's representatives gained more votes than any UNM nominees.