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Tuesday, October 11
Georgian Dream receives 39,6%, National Movement 33,8% at polling stations abroad

The Central Election Commission of Georgia has released the preliminary data of the polling stations that functioned abroad.

According to 57 stations’ data, Georgian Dream has received 39.6% of the total votes while National Movement follows it with 33.8%.

Other parties have received the following: Irakli Alasania – Free Democrats - 10,42%; Usupashvili- Republicans - 3,76%; Shalva Natelashvili- Labor Party – 1,91%; The Alliance of Patriots of Georgia – 1.87%, Nino Burjanadze- Democratic Movement – 1,27%.

The remaining parties received less than 1% of the votes.

ISFED Parallel Vote Tabulation Results

The results of parallel vote tabulation (PVT) of the proportional, party-list vote in the October 8 parliamentary elections, conducted by a monitoring group, largely coincide with the early official results.

PVT, during which observers from election monitoring group count votes at the polling stations simultaneously with precinct election officials, was conducted by International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy (ISFED), Georgia’s largest election monitoring non-governmental organization. PVT is one of the tools to verify the accuracy of the official election results.

According to its PVT results, the GDDG ruling party is garnering 49.1% of votes while the UNM opposition party has won 26.8%.

PVT’s margin of error in case of these two parties is plus/minus 0.9%.

ISFED was not able to conclusively define whether the election bloc, led by the Alliance of Patriots, is clearing or not 5% threshold required for winning seats in the Parliament under the nationwide proportional, party-list vote.

According to PVT, Athe lliance of Patriots is garnering 4.9% of votes, but its margin of error is plus, minus 0.3%.

With returns from over 66% of precincts, early official results give the GDDG ruling party 49.75% of votes, the UNM 26.72%, and the Alliance of Patriots 4.91%.

ISFED also said that during the vote tabulation process, there were “significant violations, including violent ones, at several polling stations.”

However these were “isolated” cases, ISFED said, which cannot have any substantial impact on the results of the proportional, party-list vote.

GYLA condemns vandalism at Jikhashkari

During the vote count and result summarisation, unknown individuals broke into polling station #108 of the Zugdidi district, specifically in the village of Jikhashkari). They threw stones and broke the windows of the polling station, then entered the building by force, scattered the ballots, and damaged the electoral inventory. One policeman was present at the polling station who naturally was not able to respond adequately to the violent situation; additional police officers forces arrived only later.

According to the GYLA's observer, two observers of the Norwegian Helsinki Union observation organisation who were trying to record the violent incident on a cameraphone were beaten up and have physical injuries. The danger was posed to the GYLA observer as well who left the polling station through the window.

The GYLA calls on the government to ensure that the electoral process is carried out in a safe environment and to safeguard the safety of all those involved in the process.

The United National Movement must believe they will never gain another victory – Eka Beselia

“The United National Movement must believe that they will never gain another victory over the people they constantly pressured for years,” one of the leaders of Georgian Dream party, Eka Beselia, has told reporters.

According to her, the protest rallies announced by National Movement should be within the frames of the freedom of speech, and this right is protected in the country.

“However, the language of blackmail and ultimatum is absolutely unacceptable,” Eka Beselia added.