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Friday, October 14
Nino Burjanadze’s party enters Supreme Council of Adjara

The 5% barrier has been crossed by four political subjects, and the Adjara Legislative Agency will be a multi-party body as a result.

According to the preliminary data of the Supreme Election Commission, Georgian Dream has received 45% of the votes, the United National Movement 29.68%, Nino Burjanadze Democratic Georgia 5.9% and the Alliance of Patriots 5.27%.

As for the majoritarian elections, all six constituencies in Adjara will see a second round of elections.

According to the preliminary data, Georgian Dream will present 45 members in the Adjara government, the United National Movement 5, with Nino Burjanadze and the Alliance of Patriots both with one. (IPN)

U.S. 6th Fleet Flagship Makes Port Visit to Batumi

The U.S. 6th Fleet command and control ship USS Mount Whitney (LCC 20) arrived in Batumi on Georgia’s Black Sea coast for “a scheduled port visit” on October 12.

The flagship of the 6th Fleet, which is homeported in Gaeta, Italy, entered the Black Sea on October 10 to “enhance maritime security, stability, readiness, and strengthen partnerships with our allies and partners,” according to the U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa

“It is a great opportunity to come into the Black Sea to continue our partnerships with the Black Sea nations, Georgia being one of our best, and we look forward to this port call,” Rear Admiral Daryl L. Caudle, Deputy Commander, U.S. 6th Fleet, said.

This is the fourth port visit to Georgia by the USS Mount Whitney.

It delivered humanitarian aid to the port of Poti in early September 2008, less than a month after Georgia-Russia war; at the time Russian military forces were still maintaining two outposts in the outskirts of Poti. Mount Whitney also made port visits to Georgia in November, 2013 and again in October, 2014. (

Russian guards illegally detain Georgian man near Tskhinvali ABL

A Georgian man has been illegally detained by Russian-controlled border guards stationed at the Administrative Boundary Line (ABL) separating de facto Tskhinvali (South Ossetia) region from the rest of Georgia.

The man has been identified as 28-year-old Giorgi Tsitsagi.

Tsitsagi is a resident of the village of Plavismani in the Gori municipality. The man was detained near the Artsevi village on Saturday October 8 - the same day Parliamentary elections took place in Georgia.

Titsagi’s family said the man was on Georgia-controlled territory when Russian guards kidnapped him.

Authorities understood Titsagi had been taken to a detention centre in Tskhinvali and charged with illegally crossing the so-called border.

This was the second time Titsagi has been detained by Russian guards near the ABL. The 28-year-old was detained several months ago, after which he spent two months at a Tskhinvali detention centre.

The man’s family fears it will now be more difficult for him to be released as it is his second time in detention.

The illegal detention of Georgian citizens by Russian guards is a common practice near Tskhinvali ABL. The detainees are usually released once their family pays a fine.

Titsagi’s family has not yet been contacted and asked for a fine from the occupied side. (

Government Refrains from Unveiling Details about POTI FIZ Deal

The Government of Georgia has not unveiled details of the agreement with the RAS Al Khaimah Investment Authority, under which a 85% stake in the Poti free industrial zone has been transmitted to Georgian authorities.

The Ministry does not know whether the state-owned stake in FIZ will be sold. The Ministry of Economy of Georgia has answered questions put to it by the GBC news agency:

Why has the LLC RAS Al Khaimah Investment Authority Georgia withdrawn from FIZ?

Answer: We would like to specify the information that the FIZ was managed by RAS Al Khaimah Investment Authority and LLC RAS Al Khaimah Investment Authority Georgia is its subsidiary.

It should be also noted that RAS Al Khaimah Investment Authority has not withdrawn from the FIZ completely. The company maintains a 15% ratio in the RAKIA Georgia Free Industrial Zone.

As for the transmission of the 85% stake to the Government, the investor has taken the decision by itself in exchange for pardoning the fine that had been imposed on LLC RAS Al Khaimah Investment Authority Georgia.

Which obligations has the investor failed and why was the investor fined? What amount has been written off from the company in exchange?

Answer: LLC RAS Al Khaimah Investment Authority Georgia has not fulfilled obligations assumed under the agreement that was signed on May 25 2010 by Poti City Hall (assignee – LEPL National Agency of State Property of Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development) and LLC RAS Al Khaimah Investment Authority Georgia and the agreement signed on September 16, 2011 by LLC RAS Al Khaimah Investment Authority Georgia and LLC RAKIA Georgia Free Industrial Zone and Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia.

As for the fine amount and other details, this information is confidential, as required by the agreement, and this information may be divulged only by the company consent.

What are the Government’s plans in relation to the 85% stake in the FIZ? How does the government plan to develop it? Does the government intent to find a new investor?

Answer: It is very important that we have maintained the status of a free industrial zone and the FIZ is being developed. We repeat that the investor has not withdrawn from FIZ and it still maintains a 15% stake.

According to certain information, RAKIA plans to sell other assets in Georgia too. Do you have such information and why investors find Georgia less attractive?

Answer: We do not agree with the notion that Georgia has become an unattractive country for investors. Georgia’s international positions in ratings, the government’s economic policy, the existing liberal environment and official statistics prove that Georgia is a special country in terms of investment attractiveness. As for the question about plans to alienate the assets of a private company, this issue is beyond the competency of the Ministry.

What are the government plans concerning the construction of Poti's airport?

Answer: JSC Poti Airport was recently returned to the Government. Consequently, the government’s position will be unveiled at a later date. (