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Man for MP's car bomb detained

By Tea Mariamidze
Tuesday, October 18
The Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of Georgia said one person was detained and another charged in absentia in connection with the explosion of opposition MP Givi Targamadze’s car in central Tbilisi on October 4.

The MIA said no information is known about any alleged employers yet, however, the police found evidence proving the two men’s involvement in the crime.

The police searched the apartments and garages of the identified people and other persons affiliated with the suspects.

As a result of the search, the MIA found special books and handwritten instructions of how to make explosive devices, explosive materials, remote controlled detonators, guns, hand grenades and plans of the Targamadze's house and office.

The investigation also found out that the biological material taken from the exploded car matched with the genetic profile of the parents of the man charged in absentia.

Nata Chagunava, the spouse of the detained Boris Chagunava, refuses all allegations, saying the charged man in absentia, Davit Khechuashvili is their relative and the car, where firearms were found, belongs to him.

“My husband was detained because Khechuashvili’s car is registered to us. He has nothing to do with this case,” Nata Chagunava told Imedi TV.

Givi Targamadze – one of the leaders from the opposition United National Movement – was uninjured when a car bomb reportedly detonated when he and his driver were approaching his party’s headquarters in the capital at 20:10, just four days ahead of Georgia’s October 8 parliamentary elections.

The explosion left five citizens injured. Some of them still remain in hospital due to poor health condition. An investigation was launched for attempted murder under aggravating circumstances.

The UNM insists no concrete steps have been made towards the case, saying “the recent statement of MIA is “not convincing.”

Elene Khoshtaria, a member of the UNM, says the motive of the explosion and instructors of the identified people should be revealed.

“The investigation is only giving hints and no concrete results. We do not trust the investigation,” stated Khoshtaria.