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Thursday, October 20
CEC to request GEL 4,700,000 for conducting second round of elections

The Central Election Commission will request GEL 4,700,000 from the Ministry of Finance to conduct the second round of elections.

The Central Election Commission adopted a resolution at today’s meeting which defined the amount of money needed for the second round of voting.

The expenses of the first round of the 8 October elections were also discussed at the meeting. According to the head of the finance department of the commission, it is still early to reveal the exact expenses of the first round. (IPN)

CEC Sets Runoff, Repeat Elections Dates

On wednesday the Central Election Commission (CEC) has set the dates for the second round of elections for majoritarian MP seats in single-mandate constituencies and for repeat elections for majoritarian MPs in four precincts.

Repeat elections in four precincts will be held on October 22 ,and second round runoffs will be held on October 30.

Also on October 30, a second round of local by-elections will be held for the mayoral race in Akhaltsikhe, and for gamgebeli (head of municipality) in Bolnisi and Kharagauli.

Second round runoffs for majoritarian MP seats will be held in at least 48 single-mandate constituencies out of total 73.

The number may increase to 50 depending on repeat elections in the Marneuli election district’s No. 48 precinct and the Zugdidi election district’s three precincts – No.38, No.79, and No.108. Invalidating these three precincts in Zugdidi will also require repeat local by-elections there for the position of gamgebeli on October 22, which should decide whether there will be an outright winner or if the race will go into a second round.

Voting in precinct No.48 of election district No.36 in the village of Kizilajlo of the Marneuli municipality was disrupted by a violent incident when a group of opposition supporters tried to storm the polling station. Six men were arrested and sent to pretrial detention in connection with the incident.

The UNM party’s majoritarian MP candidate, Akmamed Imamquliyev, is leading the race in Marneuli over his closest competitor, GDDG’s Tamaz Naveriani, with 47.91% to 43.41% of the votes. According to preliminary results, Imamquliyev has a lead by a margin of 907 votes and the repeat vote at the invalidated precinct should decide the outcome of the race in Marneuli.

The outcome of the repeat elections in Zugdidi’s three precincts should also decide whether there will be an outright winner or a second round.

Georgia’s former First Lady, Sandra Roelofs of the UNM, and GDDG’s Edisher Toloraia are the main contenders for the majoritarian MP seat from that election district of Zugdidi – the latter has a lead by a margin of 372 votes.

Two precincts in the Zugdidi municipality – No.79 and No.108 in the village of Jikhashkari - were invalidated after they were raided by dissidents, during which polling materials were destroyed. Two men were arrested in connection to these incidents – one of them, a supporter of the the GDDG ruling party, was sent to pretrial detention.

The CEC has requested that the government should allocate GEL 4.7 million additional funding for holding the repeat elections. (

Zurab Tkemaladze leaving politics

Zurab Tkemaladze, leader of the Industry Will Save Georgia party, is going to leave politics. As he said at a press conference today, he will make an official announcement at the party congress which will be held at the beginning of next year.

“I am not going to fully disappear, but I will not be engaged in active politics. I will let young people do it. I am going to resign from the party chairmanship. Industry Will Save Georgia will not disappear. I hope the country's youth will take leading positions in our party,” Tkemaladze said. (IPN)