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Georgia – black and white

By Messenger Staff
Friday, October 21
Fady Asly a businessman from Lebanon has been active in Georgia since 1998. He became Georgian citizen in 2007. In his book “Life With Scorpions” he tells to the readers the experience he received in Georgia. In fact he witnessed all the details and peculiarities of the nation which freed itself from the dramatic realities of the Soviet System and had to plunge into the pluses and minuses of a market economy and building up free democratic society.

Fady Asly observes the life here in Georgia and describes the difficulties he faced. The reader will never stop as soon as he starts reading the book, it’s like a thriller. One can feel that Mr. Asly loves Georgia and wants to contribute his share in making life in Georgia better.

The presentation of the book took place last evening. Mr. Asly expressed his gratitude to the people with whom he worked.