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Thursday, October 27
Georgia ranks 120th among world's most generous countries

Georgia was ranked 120th among 140 countries in the rating of the world's most generous countries, BusinesspressNews reports.

The most generous countries ranked by Charities Aid Foundation are led by Myanmar, which is followed by Australia, New Zeland and Shri Lanka, while the last on the list is the Czech Republic.

The CAF World Giving Index measures the average percentage of people in each country who donate money, volunteer or help a stranger.

Georgia was ranked 111th as a country that helps strangers, and 128th as a country that donates money, and 76th as a volunteer. (IPN)

Georgian Railways considering Tbilisi-Kutaisi airport express

Georgian Railways is considering creating a new train line connecting the airports in Tbilisi and Kutaisi, with regular departures.

Spokesperson Dachi Tsaguria told Kutaisi Post that Georgian Railways is currently researching whether the new airport-to-airport link will be effective and profitable.

“We think this will be very comfortable and effective, not only for people who want to get to the airport, but for anyone who wants to go to Kutaisi,” Tsaguia said.

After the study is completed by the end of this year, the company will announce a tender and later select of a company to carry out the project, which is likely to involve constructing new rail tracks and a terminal.

Travellers through Kutaisi airport usually either take a direct shuttle minibus to Tbilisi, or a local minibus to Kutaisi, and then train or bus from there. The railway station that is closest to the airport is Kopitnari, about one kilometer away. The new rail link would therefore seem to require some construction work to lay a new track and expand or modify the terminal building in Kutaisi to accommodate trains.

In the Tbilisi end, a rail line was completed a few years ago, but is hardly noticed by travellers due to its rare, only twice daily departures.

the 20km away from the airport. Passengers currently have to go to Kutaisi and then take another transport to the airport in which is from the city.

Both airports have experienced strong growth in traffic load in recent years as Georgia’s tourism boomcontinues. Tbilisi is building a second terminal building, while Kutaisi recently marked the opening of manynew direct flights to European cities, including Berlin. (DFwatch)

Georgia’s Road Department: Time to put winter tires on cars

Drivers from all over Georgia are advised to put snow tires on their vehicles if they are going to travel along the roads in the country’s north and east.

Georgia’s Road Department has announced that restrictions were imposed on several roads due to heavy snow and ice.

The Mleta-Kobi section of the Mtskheta-Kazbegi-Larsi road that connects Georgia with Russia is closed for trucks and trailers, semi-trailers and vehicles that can carry more than 30 passengers.

Other vehicles are allowed to move along this section only with anti-skid chains. However, there are no restrictions for off-road vehicles.

Meanwhile, the Department warned citizens that snow had started falling at the Gombori Road Pass, connecting the eastern Kakheti region with the rest of Georgia. Movement is not restricted there but citizens were advised to use snow tires.

Intense snowfall caused minor problems near Bulachauri too, a small settlement in the eastern Dusheti district. (