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Georgia concerned on Russia-Abkhazia military agreement

By Tea Mariamidze
Friday, November 4
The Minister of Georgia’s Foreign Affairs, Mikheil Janelidze, condemned the ratification of a military deal between Russia and Georgia’s breakaway region of Abkhazia yesterday.

The Minister stated that this action is clearly not targeted towards helping security in the region.

“This action violates the fundamental norms and principles of international law. We reacted on this issue in 2015, when the deal was signed and this issue is on our agenda at present too,” Janelidze stressed.

Georgia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) released a statement yesterday, saying the decision of Russian State Duma, which ratified Russian-Abkhazian military deal two days ago, worsens the situation against the background of the occupied territories’ militarization and regular military exercises.

The Ministry says that this step clarifies that the Russian Federation continues to pursue its creeping annexation of Georgia’s occupied regions, which is against international law and undermines the fundamental principles of the United Nations (UN) Charter and Helsinki Act, such as respecting the territorial integrity of a sovereign state and the non-violation of internationally recognized borders.

“By signing and ratifying the document, Russia has violated the August 12 2008 agreement, which is extremely concerning as there are no international mechanisms in the occupied regions,” the statement of the Georgian MFA reads.

Moreover, the Ministry stated that the Georgian Government would continue its efforts in all international formats in relation to Russia’s prevocational steps in order the international community to duly assessed Moscow’s illegal actions.