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President against female circumcision

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, November 17
Georgia’s President Giorgi Margvelashvili has spoken out against alleged incidents of female circumcision in some villages of the eastern Kakheti region, among the Muslim Kist populated territory .

The President has urged Georgia’s law enforcers to immediately investigate the incidents related by Georgian media that circumcision is still carried out in some villages of Georgia and if confirmed, “prevent the crime.”

Margvelashvili believes female circumcision is a blatant violation of human rights that must not take place.

“We would like to respond to the terrible facts some media outlets have reported concerning the holding of these rituals in three villages of the Kakheti region.

“The President is concerned about these abhorrent activities. Human rights protection has always been of special importance for the President. Therefore, we declare that these incidents must be investigated and this crime should be prevented immediately,” Eka Mishveladze, the President’s Press Speaker said.

“We stress that we respect all ethnical traditions if they are not against Georgia’s legislation and internationally recognized human rights,” Mishveladze said.

Such incidents must be quickly addressed, as such barbarism does not belong to the 21st century.

The main motivation named for circumcision by the locals of the three villages was that such women “were faithful to their husbands”, as circumcision helps to prevent sexual arousal in women.

Representatives of the Muslim community say their holy books never mention circumcision and this is just a custom of some groups of people, especially in Africa.

The circumcision generally takes place when a child is little, but it also may be done to an adult.

In most cases, the victim is unable to resist and protect her rights, which is why the involvement of relevant bodies is absolutely necessary.

Now as Georgia is closer integrated with the circle of the civilized developed community it should secure the rights of all the members of its population and the state should take care of that.