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Senators to reassure Georgia over US commitment

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, November 24
The Washington Post claims that United States Senators from the Republican Party, John McCain and Lindsey Graham, will visit Georgia, Ukraine and Estonia before January 20,when Republican President-elect Donald Trump takes his presidential oath.

The Washington Post wrote in its recent article that the aim of the trip is to “reassure these European partners that Washington is still committed to confronting Russian aggression”.

The Washington Post added that starting in January, the pair would hold a series of hearings highlighting Russia’s transgressions around the world, including war crimes in Syria, cyber-attacks, propaganda campaigns and threats to Baltic States.

“In addition, Graham has said he wants to use his chairmanship of the Senate Appropriations Foreign Operations subcommittee to steer new funds to European allies for battling Moscow,” the Washington Post read.

Since electing Trump as the 45th President of the United States through the November 8 Presidential Election, wherein he defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton, the Government of Georgia has stated they were sure that the close partnership with the US would continue under the new President.

However, there are people in Georgia and in the United Stated as well who fear Trump may launch a ‘reset’ policy with Russia that may change America’s attitude to Georgia and NATO.

United States (US) ex-Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld has told the Wall Street Journal that Russia offers predictable complaints that for Georgia to join NATO would be a provocation.

He added that concern about Russia’s probable reaction persuaded some NATO members that Georgia’s move toward NATO should be delayed.

"The West’s security interests should not be held hostage to Russian disapproval,” Rumsfeld said.

"The US should act now to deepen its engagement with Georgia, not as an act of philanthropy but because America’s vital interests are at stake there,” he believed.

"The people of Georgia have shown what good governance, strong democracy and an attachment to Western values can accomplish, even against daunting odds. Georgia is an ally we need and should welcome,” Rumsfeld said.

President-elect Trump has stated that he wishes to normalize relations with Russia, but is against the process to be called the “reset.”

In his latest statements, Trump did not appear as positive towards Russia as in his previous statements.

As it appears, statements before and after elections differ in some cases as Trump, as the President of the United States, will first of all act based on America’s interests.