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Against non-relevant use of emergency lights on officials’ cars

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Thursday, December 1
The Prime Minister of Georgia, Giorgi Kvirikashvili, has addressed the Minister of Interior with a request to take special measures and ban the use of the emergency vehicle lighting and use of sirens on the cars of state officials.

"I have seen on numerous occasions during the past several days how black Jeeps drive through the streets of the city and even highways with flashing emergency lighting. I wish to urge you to take relevant measures through the Patrol Police,” the PM said.

The PM stressed that he almost never used such lights when traveling in the official car for the Prime Minister.

“I need to request all the officials to take a note of this and apply the same standards. Let the emergency vehicle lighting be on solely in the manner defined in the law. I believe, it quite irritates our population” Kvirikashvil stated.

PM also stressed “greatly hoped” that after this statement, drivers would self-censor themselves.

“But if exceptional cases are still found, please take relevant measures so that such actions are prohibited in the streets, cities and highways,” the PM said.

Georgia’s civil sector representatives and opposition members had previously criticized officials for using several benefits and privileges in the situations when they were not needed.

Such situations mainly concerned violating traffic rules.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has not yet responded to the PM’s statement with an official response.