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Calls to adopt resolution on Syria

By Tea Mariamidze
Wednesday, December 21
Georgia’s main opposition party, the United National Movement (UNM), calls on Parliament to adopt a resolution over recent developments in Syria.

The UNM has already made up a resolution text, which condemns the military and political interference of the Russian Federation in the Aleppo processes and calls on the Government of Georgia to render humanitarian aid to the population of Syria, accept refugees from that country and actively express its position on the Syria issue on the international arena.

The UNM document also condemns the destructive role of the Russian Federation in the United Nations (UN) Security Council, which impedes the effective involvement of the international community in the humanitarian crisis.

The UNM has already submitted the document to the Parliament and will likely be considered by the legislative body at the plenary session next week.

Member of the UNM and the Parliament Vice-Speaker, Sergi Kapanadze, says that the resolution should reflect Georgia’s solidarity with Syria and condemn Russia's destructive actions there.

“With this statement, we will express our solidarity to the Syrian people, who are in a critical humanitarian crisis. It will emphasize that Georgia, as a responsible actor in the region, is closely watching this crisis and actively expresses its position. It will also condemn the destructive role of the Russian Federation," Kapanadze said.

UNM member Gigi Tsereteli believes the position of the Georgian government towards Russia, which aims not to irritate the occupant neighbour, has not brought any positive results yet.

“Trying not to irritate Russia and putting up with its activities is not correct. The last four years showed us that even without having conflict with Russia, it perfectly manages to annex Georgia’s territories,” Tsereteli stressed.

The ruling team is ready to consider the opposition’s initiative on adopting a resolution on Aleppo. However, they say adoption of a resolution is not necessary.

Parliamentary majority leader Archil Talakvadze says Georgia always stands beside the civilized world.

“Georgia has already supported the UN resolution on Aleppo. We stand beside the civilized world during this tragedy. As for the opposition’s initiative, we are ready to consider it. I am sure we will have a single position on this issue,” said Talakvadze.

Majority MP Gia Volski believes such issue should be agreed not only within Georgia’s Parliament but with the parliaments of Georgia’s friend countries.

“It is not necessary to adopt exactly the resolution offered by the UNM. The main thing is that the document should reveal Georgia’s position and it should not be full of populism,” Volski added.