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Georgia important for US

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, December 27
Georgia’s first Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, David Zalkaliani, says Georgia will take an important part in the US political agenda for 2017.

The Georgian official made the statement in the wake of outgoing US President Barack Obama signing the annual defense policy bill into law, the White House announced on Friday.

In the document, Georgia is a recognized friend of the United States, and acountry which has repeatedly proved its commitment to the advancement of the mutual interests of the two nations.

"Our active and systematic efforts within the Strategic Partnership with the US, as well as cooperation with the Congress, made it possible for us to take an important place on the political agenda of the United States for the next year,” Zalkaliani stated.

“This is recognition of our reforms carried out in the field of defense, security and other areas," said the Deputy Foreign Minister.

Zalkaliani highlighted that the document includes a number of important directions in terms of regional security.

"Articles of the law allow Georgia, together with other European countries, to carry out joint military exercises with the US and to raise its defense capabilities through other types of military cooperation,” the official stated.

The signing of such documents can only be welcomed by Georgia. However, it should not be forgotten that Obama is an outgoing President, and from January 20 Donald Trump will officially replace him.

Foreign analysts working on Georgia-US relations have already advised Georgia to deepen its foreign ties and communicate with the new administration of the United States from the very beginning, especially since Trump is allegedly to have a very different policy towards Russia, the country which currently occupies 20% of Georgia’s land.

Analyst Michael Cecire believes that Georgia should take the initiative to chain connections with the new administration, as there will be some new faces in the new administration of the US foreign policy, and they should have proper information about Georgia from the very beginning.

Georgia and the US are strategic partners and it is very important for Georgiato retain and advance its ties to Washington, especially since the country suffers from frozen territorial conflicts and itsself-defense capabilities are not at a high enoughlevel.