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Syria resolution causes dispute among Georgian MPs

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, December 28
The presentation of the draft resolution on the recent developments of Syria prepared by the main opposition party United National Movement (UNM) led to disagreement and disputes among Georgian MPs.

The parliamentary minority demanded an immediate discussion of the draft resolution entitled as “The difficult humanitarian situation in Aleppo", while the majority members stated that the adoption of such a resolution was not necessary.

Majority MP Irakli Sesiashvili asked if any European country had adopted a similar resolution or a statement, to which minority MP Gigi Tsereteli answered that all leading countries and international organizations had expressed their positions on Syria.

Tsereteli underlined that the adoption of the resolution was necessary, as Georgia should express its position over the issue.

The MPs of the Alliance of patriots of Georgia (APG) opposition party, often accused of harboring Russian sympathies, stated the initiative was provocative.

APG MP Irma Inashvili stressed that the adoption of the resolution would provoke Russia into carrying out aggressive actions against Georgia. She expressed the suspicion that the initiative might be ordered by the Russian special services.

Some time ago Gigi Tsereteli stated that the position of Georgian government towards Russia, which aims not to irritate occupant neighbor, has not brought any positive results as of yet.

“Trying not to irritate Russia and putting up with its activities is not correct. The last four years showed us that even without having conflict with Russia, it perfectly manages to annex Georgia’s territories,” Tsereteli stressed.

The UNM resolution condemns the military and political interference of the Russian Federation in the Syrian war, and calls on the Government of Georgia to render humanitarian aid to the population of Syria, accept refugees from that country and actively express its position on the Syria issue on the international arena.

The UNM document also condemns the destructive role of the Russian Federation in the United Nations (UN) Security Council, which impedes the effective involvement of the international community in the humanitarian crisis.