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German and Austrian helicopter companies launch heli-skiing in Gudauri

Tuesday, January 10
Two Austrian and Georgian helicopter companies will begin offering heli-skiing in the country’s top winter resort of Gudauri from January 10 to April.

The Georgian Civil Aviation Agency announced today it had granted permits to the Austrian Wucher Helikopter and German Helicopter Travel Munich to operate flights along the Gudauri - Stepantsminda route and in Gudauri respectively.

The permits will only be valid under visual flight rules (VFR) - a set of regulations under which a pilot operates an aircraft in weather conditions clear enough to allow the pilot to visually manage the aircraft’s trajectory.

Both companies will offer flights to small tourist groups, including heli-skiing tours. This will allow skiing and snowboarders enthusiasts to experience fresh and untouched snow in the region, announced the Georgian Civil Aviation Agency.

Heli-skiing is favoured by extreme skiers and snowboarders who use helicopters to access off - piste routes, steep slopes and fresh snow.

The authorities believe that the operations of both companies will contribute to the developing winter tourism sector of Georgia and attract more tourists to the country’s ski resorts.