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Three new factories to open in Georgia

Thursday, January 12
Three new factories are to be opened in different regions of Georgia with the aid of state-funded programs, ‘Produce in Georgia’ and ‘Georgian Tea Program’.

First, a construction material factory will be established in Georgia’s Mtskheta municipality, where approximately 1.3 million GEL (about $474,477/ˆ449,423*) will be invested.

Meanwhile, Georgia’s Chkhorotku municipality will welcome 130,000 GEL (about $47,447/ˆ 44,942*) in investments that will be used to set up a new hazelnut and bay leaf processing factory.

These two enterprises will be created within the ‘Produce in Georgia’ state-funded program, while the ‘Georgian Tea Program’ will support the establishment of a tea processing plant in the village Nagomari, in Georgia’s Guria region.

Both state programs aim to support and stimulate Georgia’s agricultural industry.

The Government of Georgia approved all three projects at today’s Government Meeting. (