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More physical activeness at schools

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, January 18
Prime Minister of Georgia Giorgi Kvirikashvili initiated the introduction of more physical activities at schools, a move which was applauded by Georgia’s Ministry of Education and Science.

"Education reform is one of the most important priorities of the Government's four-point reform agenda. Under this reform, I would like to announce one important direction. As you know, our children are actively engaged in mastering modern technology, and they are definitely ahead of us, the people of older generation, in this direction. I believe that our children are absolutely competitive at the international level in terms of knowledge of modern technology,” the PM said.

However, he stressed in the era of modern technology, physical activities and athletic exercises are becoming increasingly relevant.

“Therefore, today we would like to offer every school and every schoolchild to embrace a healthy lifestyle and physical activities. Together with the Ministries of Education and Sports, as well as different sports federations, we will develop a program for athletic activities in school, so that every child may engage in them," the Prime Minister said.

The Minister of Education also touched upon the problem of children’s “engrossing in laptops, smartphones or computers” and paying less attention to sporting activities.

Meanwhile, in a separate comment, Minister Alexander Jejelava stated there were a large number of schools where toilets had no doors and were impossible to use.

He stated that in all cases wherein head teachers would be held accountable for not solving such simple problems.

Mothers still post on social networks that they have to bring heaters to schools in the winter at the urging of head teachers, as there is no central heating or other means to be warm at education institutions.

The Prime Minister’s initiative is a positive step; however, when there is still a range of infrastructural problems at schools, it would be better for the Government and the Ministry to settle them first and only after push forward such positive initiatives.