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Orbeliani Georgia – Transforming your ideas into reality

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, January 19
Do you have any exciting ideas to take action, bring people together and create stronger communities? If “yes” make a step forward.

Orbeliani, an open online funding platform, is accepting applications which meet the needs of, promotes the interests of, or shift current attitudes towards minority groups in Georgia. The platform seeks to support ideas, which bring people together to create stronger communities that extend hospitality and generosity to all and tackle community problems collaboratively.

You can submit your ideas at through Orbeliani Georgia’s open call “I belong” - supporting integration of ethnic and religious minorities and LGBTI community members supported by the Embassy of Netherlands.

Orbeliani wants everyone who was born or who has made a home in Georgia, to feel like they belong in Georgia. With its open funding platform it gives people the space to propose actions and take lead in implementation.

The application has two easy steps. First, applicants are asked how their initiative will change their community and who will benefit. Then they add what is needed for their initiative, and information on vendors who can provide those things. Reviewers evaluate ideas on several factors, including creativity, thrift and practicality. Initiatives that are selected go live on the Orbeliani platform. The platform allows people to publish real-time updates on their initiatives.

Anyone in the wider public can comment and interact with them.

Orbeliani’s online platform is a place for civically engaged individuals to share diverse ideas for positive action. It uses technology to help citizens apply for a portion of donor-sponsored funding, and to minimize the bureaucracy and paperwork associated with aid, making resources accessible and open to all.

Orbeliani Georgia wants people to not feel entitled to change, but to think of themselves as people who can shape the future. It wants them to feel part of something, and recognize that nobody can change anything alone. Its team believes these powerful conversations will turn into action.