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Georgia announces Eurovision 2017 contestant in Ukraine

By Mariam Chanishvili
Monday, January 23
The national final competition of Eurovision 2017 was held in Tbilisi Concert Hall, where 25 artists were competing to represent the Caucasian country on the next Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev, Ukraine. Finally, it was Tako Gachechiladze with the song - “Keep the Faith” chosen through a mixed voting system (professional and public jury).

Tako Gachechiladze is a well-known celebrity for Eurovision, in 2009; her band gained the Georgian pre-selection to go to Eurovision. But the band - Stephane & 3G were disqualified due to political message in their song “We Do not Want to Put In”.

Georgia began its journey in Eurovision in 2007 in Helsinki, achieving a 12th place with the theme “Visionary Dream” played by Sopho Khalvashi. In 2010 and 2011 Georgia got its highest position, 11th place, thanks to Sopho Nizharadze and Eldrine. Last year, in Stockholm, Young Georgian Lolitaz got the 20th place with the song “Midnight gold”.

Tako Gachechiladze was discussed on wiwibloggs, which is the world’s most-visited independent web site, devoted to the Eurovision Song Contest, stating that Eurovision is not just a one-night event, they provide daily news and analysis on Eurovision and its artists, both past and present.

Wiwibloggs stated that Gachechiladze won their fan poll ahead of the national final, noting her ‘stunning voice and glowing dress’.

“Her performance included provocative images of world events, including footage of planes crashing into the Twin Towers on 9/11 — and a newspaper splash that said “Russia invades Geo…”,Wiwibloggs stated.

Among some other contestants were - the winner of “New Wave 2014” Nutsa Buzaladze, The Mins, Mariko Lejava, Asea Sool, etc.