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Georgia builds fishery to save endangered freshwater trout

Wednesday, February 1
Georgia is taking action to save an endangered trout species indigenous to the country.

To this end, companies involved in Georgia’s energy sector have agreed to finance the construction of a fishery with 300,000 GEL (about $110,704/ˆ103,525*) in an act of social responsibility.

The project was designed by Georgia’s Ministry of Environment and National Nursery, which began work on the project back in September 2016.

A fishery was built in Georgia’s Sachkhere municipality where approximately 130 trout were reared in the initial stages of the project. A fish-egg incubator has been installed at the facility and a water filtration system will be installed there in the near future.

The new fishery will further develop and contribute to efforts to protect trout in the country. (