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Alarming road accident statistics

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, February 1
Official data reveals that last year 581 people died and 9,951 were injured in 6,939 car accidents in Georgia.

In 2015, 6,432 accidents were registered with 9,187 injured; 11 percent of the cases were fatal.

In 2014, 5,992 car accidents took place with 9,187 people injured, 12 percent of the cases were fatal.

In 2013, there were 5,510 car accidents, with 8,536 injured and 12 percent of cases proving fatal.

These statistics are truly alarming, and very high compared to other European nations.

The high rate of car accidents and fatal cases occur due to several reasons.

Georgia has had very completed and tumultuous periods in its recent history with chaotic situations affected its citizens, and Georgians sometimes find it difficult to adhere to rules.

Many in the country still believe that violating of traffic rules is “cool”.

However, the statistics show that both drivers and pedestrians violate the rules of the road.

The old and damaged road infrastructure in many areas also causes accidents.

Yet most of the responsibility rests with the Government.

If people avoid obeying the rules, the Government must introduce punishments and fines that will prevent disobedient drivers and pedestrians from behaving recklessly; no one is happy to waste money by paying for fines.

The Government is also responsible for the country’s infrastructure, as if strict rules are introduced for pedestrians, there must be relevant infrastructure for them to use to avoid crossing roads in dangerous and other areas.

Raising people’s awareness in this regard can also play a very positive role.

A foreigner travelling in Georgia by the car said that he had been driving in the UK on the left-hand side in Continental Europe on the right hand-side, but here in Georgia the drive on both side, very tragic observation.