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Giorgi Kadagidze: 500 000 Taxpayers Sustain 3.2 million Georgian Citizens

Friday, February 3
“500 000 taxpayers sustain 3.2 million citizens of Georgia”, Giorgi Kadagidze, the former president of National Bank of Georgia (NBG), wrote on his own Facebook page.

The former President of the NBG wrote:

“Not very joyful mathematics:

1. Population of Georgia – 3.7 million residents

2. Workforce – 2 million persons

3. Employed – 1.77 million persons.

4. Self-employed – 1 million residents.

5. Employed in state sector – 270 000 persons.

Thus, total number of employed in the state sector and taxpayers is 500 000 persons, who sustain 3.2 million citizens of Georgia.

One taxpayer sustains six other citizens (including 3 able-bodied citizens).

The question is:

Are we poor because this quantity of 500 000 taxpayers is a small figure, or because these 500 00 taxpayers pay too little to state budget? I think there is a simple answer to this question. Only mathematics”, Kadagidze said. (