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Some female inmates will temporarily leave prison

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, February 14
The Ministry of Corrections has initiated a bill that envisages all female inmates whose children arenít allowed to stay with them in penitentiary facilities will leave prison on weekends to spend the time with their children.

The law says that a convict mother and a child up to three years of age may live together.

The Ministry says the amendments are aimed at helping children in adapting to a new environment after leaving the custodial institution.

The bill has already been submitted by the Government's administration, and after consideration it will be sent to Parliament to be voted on.

It is very likely that this motion will be approved by the Government and Parliament; children living without their mother can have damaging effects on a child's psychology, and Georgian culture puts strong emphasis on family values.

UNICEF says that there are children in Georgia who have not normal living conditions.

In such a situation, when many children lack many necessary things they need or want, living without a mother is a heavy burden.

It will be welcome if the Georgian legislation becomes more liberal in certain situations, especially when this concerns women who have children and who pose no danger to their children having only been incarcerated for minor offences.