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HCoJ received 745,000 Gel as bonus

By Tea Mariamidze
Monday, February 20
Civil platform New Georgia claims that the High Council of Justice (HCoJ), an independent organ created to coordinate the judiciary system and promote the effectiveness and independence of the judiciary, received bonuses worth 745,000 GEL last year.

Out of a total sum, 105,000 Gel was issued to three persons. The highest bonus was received by Eva Gotsiridze, whose candidacy was rejected last month by the Strasburg Human Rights Court.

Levan Khabeishvili, a member of New Georgia, demands explanations as to why the members of the HCoJ, who have around 5,000 GEL in monthly salaries, received such high bonuses.

HCoJ Secretary Levan Murusidze confirms the bonuses were issued, however he says this happened in the legal way.

Murusidze explained that all employees of the HCoJ receive bonuses equal to their salaries after every three months.

As for Eva Gotsiridze, according to Murusidze, she translated a book and received the highest bonus in the HcoJ as a honorarium.

The opposition believes that such high bonuses are not necessary under such economic crisis in the country.

The parliamentary minority Movement for Freedom-European Georgia believes the government issues bonuses to make the HCoJ rule out in favor of them.

However, majority member Zviad Dzidziguri claimed that bonuses are issued in all countries, and said that the system of bonuses is regulated in Georgia.

The High Council of Justice is composed by 15 members designated by the judiciary, Parliament and the President of Georgia. The HCoJ is chaired by the Chair of the Supreme Court of Georgia, and upon his/her assignment, the Secretary of the High Council of Justice.

Nine members of the HCoJ are judges. In total, around 75 people work at the HCoJ.