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Georgia to provide its army with locally produced equipment

By Tea Mariamidze
Wednesday, March 1
Georgia’s Defense Minister, stated that the Georgian Armed Forces should be equipped with the hardware produced by the Georgian military engineering center, Delta.

The minister made the statement while visiting the state-led Military Scientific Technical Center on Monday.

The minister was hosted by the Acting General Director of Delta, Shota Kvaratskhelia, who showed Minister Izoria Georgian-made military vehicles, weapons and equipment, the anti-hail system control facility, as well as Delta's total infrastructure.

“In the future, the Georgian armed forces should be supplied with more of Delta's weapons and equipment, rather than imported once” Izoria said, adding that Delta's production is recognized on the international market.

The Minister of Defense promised to assist Delta to create the highest quality products.

"Special emphasis will be made to modern high-tech production, as it was demanded on the international market,” the Minister said.

After visiting Delta, Izoria attended control testing of modified armored vehicles EJDER at Vaziani training center together with Chief of the General Staff, Vladimer Chachibaia.

The Minister inspected the military equipment at the firing ground and received information about the detailed tactical and technical characteristics of the armored machine.

The General noted that Delta's produce armored vehicles would be provided to the Georgian military units in the near future and would be used on the ground limited operations.