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Azerbaijan gets 17% rise in gasoline production

Wednesday, March 22
Azerbaijan produced oil products worth AZN 401,000,000 in January-February 2017, down 6.1% from previous year.

According to State Statistical Committee, gasoline production made up 210,100 tonnes, up 17% compared to a year ago. Finished products stood at 50,400 tonnes.

Diesel production fell 13.6% to 316,400 tonnes (finished product 76,600 tonnes), kerosene production declined 7.3% to 105,200 tonnes (finished product 27,400 tonnes), oil bitumen production fell 46% to 10,800 tonnes (finished product 10,900 tonnes), and lubricating oil production ascended 3.3 times to 3,000 tonnes (finished product 6,600).

In the reporting period, 33,900 tonnes of petrol for petro-chemical industry were produced, up 21.9% by contrast to a year earlier. Finished product made 1,000 tonnes.

Moreover, Azerbaijan produced 144,900 tonnes of furnace oil, down 37% from 2016. As of March , 2017, the finished product stood at 9,200 tonnes. (