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Tbilisi Mayor presents 2016 Report

By Tea Mariamidze
Wednesday, March 22
The Mayor of Tbilisi David Narmania presented 2016 Annual Report to the representatives of diplomatic corps and international organizations on Monday.

“International organizations and embassies are actively involved in implementation of important and interesting projects…Tbilisi City Hall will continue cooperation with international organizations to be able to implement even more important projects with joint efforts,” the Mayor stated.

Narmania provided the audience with the details of important projects of reporting period, including: Krtsanisi-Shindisi and Sameba-Makhata new connection roads, Kojori-Samadlo 6.4-killometer segment and Pushkin Street flyover infrastructural project.

The Mayor especially underlined the project –New Tiflis that implied renovation of Aghmashenebeli Avenue in Marjanishvili area.

Narmania also spoke about the municipal transport development project. According to him, Tbilisi will have 143 new “Man” buses by the end of March and construction of new Bus Depot, which began in 2016, will be concluded this year.

In the transport section, the Mayor paid special attention to rehabilitation of abandoned Turtle Lake ropeway system. Landscaping works were also mentioned during the presentation.

Moreover, the Mayor announced that this year Tbilisi will have Land Utilization Plan. He also spoke about cultural and sports projects.

The audience also received information about healthcare and social programs implemented during the reporting period.

Narmania pointed out the achievements in pre-school education level and confirmed opening of 7 new kindergartens, where additionally 3000 children are receiving care. According to him, construction of additional 10 kindergartens is underway and they will be receiving even more children by September 2017.

The presentation was continued in the Question and Answer format. Narmania answer the questions about the road infrastructure, transport, large investment projects and environment.