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Georgia launches campaign in 14 countries to attract summer tourism

Wednesday, March 29
Georgia is getting ready for the summer tourist season, starting marketing campaigns in 14 targeted markets in a bid to attract more tourists.

Between March 25 and June 30, the Georgian National Tourism Administration (GNTA) will launch special online campaigns and TV advertisements in order to promote Georgia in the following 14 countries:
1. Russia
2. United Arab Emirates
3. Germany
4. Italy
5. Israel
6. Ukraine
7. Poland
8. Belarus
9. Azerbaijan
10. Kazakhstan
11. Turkey
12. Armenia
13. Lithuania
14. Latvia

Internet marketing campaigns will be launched via Facebook, Google, Instagram, Youtube, Vkontakte,, Yandex and, while TV advertisements will be aired in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus.

A total of 3,498,336 GEL (about $1.43m/ˆ1.31m*) will be spent on internet campaigns and 4,091,500 (about $1.67m/ˆ1.31m*) – for TV advertisements.

Google participated in the planning sessions of the GNTA to build marketing campaigns for this year’s tourism season. (