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Georgia targets at EU membership

By Messenger Staff
Monday, April 3
“We feel ambitious to become the EU plenipotentiary member”, Georgia’s Foreign Minister Mikheil Janelidze said when holding a meeting with locals at western Kutaisi University on the weekend.

“Georgia needs to prepare as best as possible in this respect, it should establish the EU standards and become closer and closer to the EU, “the minister added.

He stressed the EU membership could be achieved only by means of complex and comprehensive views and an action plan.

‘We are the European country, a route to Asia for Europe and a door to Europe for our Asian partners. We are no bridge, but part of Europe,” Janelidze stated.

Several days ago Georgia was granted visa waiver in the EU’s Schengen area that was a big achievement for the country, meaning Georgians could travel without visas in the Schengen zone for 90 days in any 180-day period.

This was a massage that Europe perceived Georgia as its part and Georgia was also doing its best to return to its historic roots.

One day Georgia may become a member of the European Union. However, taking Georgia’s current socioeconomic situation into account this shouldn’t be in the near future.

Of course, EU won’t open its door for us soon, but in case the Union did this, the results may have been quite negative for Georgia.

The fact is that any country must be well-prepared for the membership of big unions.

Currently majority of the Georgian people live in poverty. The country’s key problem is unemployment and many social and economic problems remain unresolved.

Membership of the EU means introducing EU standards in all directions, which are really good for any state from democratic and development point of view.

However, the EU membership could also mean increased expenses and taxes the country is not ready for.

The most important aspect in any reform is that it must bring benefits for the country and its population.

The best indicator of successful reforms is the quality of living conditions for the people.

Georgia still vitally requires the reforms that will provide high living standards for the people of Georgia.