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Georgia condemns Russia's military involvement

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Monday, April 3
Georgia condemned the signing of a so-called agreement on incorporation of the unlawful military units of the occupied Tskhinvali (South Ossetia) region into the military forces of Russia.

Georgia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the deal took place on 31 March 2017.

“This development represents yet another step towards the annexation of Georgia’s regions (Abkhazia in western part) and Tskhinvali (next to the capital Tbilisi), which is a total disregard for the fundamental principles and norms of international law,” the ministry statement reads.

Foreign Ministry stressed that the “provocative step and unambiguous aggression” against the Georgian statehood on the part of the Russiais directed towards destabilization of the situation in the region and the ultimate destruction of the European security system.

“In this way, the Russian Federation is seriously harming the Geneva International Discussions and is obstructing any potential progress in the peace process,” the ministry stated.

“Against the background of integration of Georgia’s occupied regions into the military system of the Russian Federation, it is more disturbing that Moscow still declines the non-use of force commitment between Georgia and Russia and impedes the creation of international security arrangements in Abkhazia and the Tskhinvali regions,” Georgia’s ministry stated.

The Ministry called upon Russia to desist from the practice of provocative actions, to comply with the provisions of the 12 August 2008 Ceasefire Agreement and withdraw the military units from the territory of Georgia.

“We appeal to the international community to duly assess the aggressive steps of Russian Federation and take the necessary measures in order to effectively react on the situation in Georgia’s occupied regions,” the ministry said.

Russia and Nicaragua recognised Abkhazia’s and Tskhinvali’s independence in 2008 in the wake of the Russia-Georgia war.

In 2009 Venezuela, Vanuatu, Nauru and Tuvalu took the same step.

After several years Vanuatu and Tuvalu revoked this recognition and now declare Abkhazia and Tskhinvali are integral parts of Georgia.