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Interior Ministry releases 2016 crime statistics

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Monday, April 3
Georgia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs has released the crime statistics data of the last year which reads 35, 997 crimes were registered in Georgia in January-December 2016.

The Ministry says 20, 661 out of the 35, 997 (57.4%) registered crimes were solved.

40.5% of crimes took place in the capital Tbilisi, 8.3% - in Kvemo Kartli, 3.1% - in Guria, 10.8% - in Adjara, 8.9% - in Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti, 10.5% - in Imereti, 3.2% - Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti, 5.4% - in Shida Kartli, 6.5% - in Kakheti, 2.7% - in Mtskheta-Mtianeti.

Compared to the 2015 data which saw 35, 096 registered crimes, less than last year, number of robbery and family violence cases increased, as well as purchase and selling of drugs, illegal breaking in computer systems, carrying of non-firing weapons and murder.

In particular, 418 more robbery cases were registered last year, 393 more family violence, 361 more drug purchase and selling, 260 more illegal breaking in computer systems, 112 more cases of wearing non-firing weapons and three cases more assassination.

However, plunder has been deceased with 100 cases, burglary-70, deliberate damage on health-62, illegal purchase, keeping and wearing of firing weapons-76, hulliganism-33 and an attempted murder with 37 cases.

The data came after the Ministry suspended monthly release of the information, explained the fact with the motivation that they moved to a new model of statistical analyses.

The decision triggered criticism in the opposition and the civil sector.

The opposition claimed the aim of the move was hiding increased number of crimes and the “disability” of the current authorities to effectively combat crime.

Presentation of the crime statistic 2016 was held at the Joint Operations Center in Tbilisi. The event was attended by non-governmental sector and journalists.

Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Shalva Khutsishvili acquainted guests with the crime statistic data.

Based on the analysis, Deputy Minister discussed current tendencies related to the decrease or the increase of the number of the various crimes.

Khutsishvili answered to the questions of the journalists and non-governmental sector.

Ministry of Internal Affairs released a statement later, saying they had introduced European standard of statistics publishing, according to which the mentioned data would be presented to the society in spring once a year in the form of strategic report.