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Tbilisi combats against pollution

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, April 5
Street inspectors will maintain cleanliness in Tbilisi and deter polluters from harming the capital city.

The inspectors appeared in Tbilisi streets on Saturday, and stated that for the first 20 days they will only inform the population about pollution, its damaging effects and the amount of fine they will face in case they drop litter.

A company, Tbilservice Group, is behind the project.

Citizens who contaminate the city with household waste amounting to around 2 kilograms will be fined with 80 GEL.

It is noteworthy that cigarette butts are included in this category.

If garbage is more than 2 kilograms, the fine will grow to 150 GEL.

The supervisory officials will fine both legal and physical entities who throw garbage in the streets.

Additionally, if a dog or other domestic animal contaminates the streets or parks with faecal matter, the owner will be fined with 50 GEL.

Persons contaminating the environment with construction materials will be fined with 200GEL, and legal entities with 500GEL.

When contaminating the streets with construction waste, physical entities will be fined with 500 GEL and legal entities with 1500 GEL. When violating the rules for a second time, the fine doubles.

Informing people and setting high fines to combat pollution should gradually improve the city. The Messenger often touched upon the issue and wrote about the necessity of strong control needed in this regard.

It was stated that initially, only 20 inspectors will be involved in the project, this amount of controlling entities is not definitely enough.

It will be more welcome if the inspectorsí numbers increase, at least to begin with, so that people can become accustomed to the new regulations.

Itís very important that the inspectors be intolerable to pollution violations and never allow exceptions.