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Wine Export Data of The First Quarter

Friday, April 7
According to National Wine Agency data, in January-March 2017, 14 199 018 bottles (0,75l) of wine has been exported to 38 countries worldwide, which is 85% higher than data of the last year.

In the period under review, 32,2 mil USD worth of wine has been exported, which is 77% higher than the indicators of the same period in 2016.

The top five export destinations are the following: Russia with 8,987,745 bottles, China with 1,794,200, Ukraine with 1,305,508, Poland with 561,294 and Kazakhstan with 473,515.

The progress of wine exports is notable in the following countries: China, which saw an increase of 383% (1,794,200), Israel with 333% (42,570), Russia with 120% (8,987,745), Canada with 55% (34,650), Poland with 27% (561,294), Germany with 22% (98,926), Ukraine with 20% (1,305 508), the USA with 7% (66,714), and Latvia with 5% (255,896).

In addition, 3,302,962 bottles (0,5l) of brands have been exported to 13 countries worldwide, which is 51% higher than the similar data of 2016. In total, 8,7 mil USD worth of branded wine has been exported, a 71% growth compared with the similar index of the previous year.

In addition, in the first quarter, 46,990 bottles (0.5 l) of Chacha have been exported, with total exports of Chacha increasing by 142%. Exported Chacha income amounted to 137,000 USD, which is 114% higher than the similar indicator of the last year.

In total, wine, brandy, Chacha, and wine materials export income in the period under review amounted to 58,5 mil USD, a 76% improvement compared with the first quarter of the last year. (