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Israel pushes new regulations for Georgians

By Tea Mariamidze
Wednesday, April 12
From April 17, Israel will provide additional regulations for Georgian citizens traveling to visiting the country.

Under the decision of the Israeli Interior Ministry, a new regulation will take effect on April 17, concerning the recognition of Georgia as a ‘safe country’.

Under the regulation, Georgian asylum-seekers’ applications will be discussed in an accelerated manner.

“The necessity of new regulations was caused by the fact that citizens of Georgia, after being denied an asylum and after the request to leave the state in seven days, illegally stay in Israel,” Georgia’s MFA reads.

Israel carries out the identification of Georgian citizens at the border by biometric data and personal identification numbers, which reduces the risk of illegal access.

The Georgian MFA says that the border-crossing procedures have become stricter in relation to the upcoming Easter feast.

The ministry gives Georgian citizens, who are going to Israel for Easter, some recommendations.

Georgian citizens should have:

Necessary documentation: Invitation, hotel reservation or the address of a legal host, travel or medical insurance etc.

Full fare for the period of living in Israel or the document of financial provision like cash, travelers checks or banking cards.

A two-way ticket

The 2017 Fire Easter ceremony will be attended by thousands of pilgrims from around the world, including various official delegations from many countries.

Due to the increased number of visitors at Easter, Israeli police usually tighten security measures. The police recommend that people who have health problems avoid entering the cathedral.

The pilgrims must comply with all the requirements that may be brought by the police or the clergy, who keep order in the temples.

Any disobedience or discontent might result in the immediate request to leave the temple or nearby territory.

The Georgian MFA has released a hotline for the citizens who might lose their way in Jerusalem at +972 26226100. Georgians should contact the hotline or the policemen in case of any problems, or they can apply to the consular service of the Georgian MFA.