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Tbilisi Mayor says he is “team player”

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Thursday, April 13
Tbilisi Mayor David Narmania, who is a very frequent target of the opposition’s criticism, says he is a team player, and the ruling Georgian Dream team will make a decision on whether to re-present Narmania as the mayor of the capital city in this year’s local government elections.

Narmania made his remarks while presenting his report at Tbilisi City Council late on April 11, where he also had to answer the opposition’s critical questions, who often accuse him of fulfilling the demands of the country’s ex- Prime Minister, billionaire Bidzina Ivanishvili. He also is asked questions on Tbilisi's city budget and illegally cutting down trees.

One of the main critics of Narmania at the meeting and in general was an independent MP of Tbilisi City Council, Aleko Elisashvili.

Elisashvili is being speculated to be Narmania’s (or whoever the ruling team's candidate will be) chief opponent in the upcoming local elections.

Georgian media speculates that Elisashvili could be a joint candidate of the Free Democrats and Republican opposition parties.

None of the parties have yet confirmed any talks or negotiations over the issue. However, the head of the Republicans, Khatuna Samnidze, stressed she supported Elisashvili to take the Mayor’s post.

“We are getting ready for the local elections, and in the process we don’t exclude cooperation or a coalition with such a party as the Free Democrats is,” Samnidze said.

Member of the Republican Party Levan Berdzenishvili meanwhile confirmed that the party had had consultations with Elisashvili, and stated it was very likely that the party will support Elisashvili’s candidacy for the position.