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Strategy for Georgia’s EU, NATO integration

By Tea Mariamidze
Friday, April 14
The government of Georgia has approved the 2017-2020 communication strategy for Georgia’s integration with the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

The decision was made during the cabinet session on April 13.

European and Euro-Atlantic Integration Minister Viktor Dolidze says this is a very important and comprehensive document, which was made through the active involvement of Georgian and foreign experts.

The document envisages future steps which will be made for raising awareness of Georgians about the country’s integration with the EU and NATO.

Also, the strategy includes the government’s activities outside the country, to maximally gain the support of foreign countries towards Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic aspirations.

“This is a conceptual framework document, after which various state agencies involved in this process will develop further action plans,” Dolidze said.

“This was a very important decision, especially after Parliament’s decision made last year which stated that Georgia’s membership in NATO and the EU is the top priority of the country,” he added.

The Minister noted that the document also includes further steps of fighting against Russian propaganda.

“We have stated many times that we do not fight propaganda with propaganda. We fight it with civilized, western methods, which mean raising awareness among people about the benefits of EU, NATO membership,” said Dolidze.

Georgia’s Prime Minister said the strategy was very important for the country.

“This document defines the government policy of strategic communication over Georgia’s integration with NATO and the EU at both national and international levels,” he said.

The PM underlined that the creation of the strategy was initiated by the European and Euro-Atlantic Integration Ministry.