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Georgia unveils its NATO-EU goals

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Wednesday, April 19
The goal of the Georgian Dream ruling government’s European and NATO integration communication strategy for 2017-2020 is intended to both increase support amongst the population for EU and NATO integration and increase support of NATO and EU member states for Georgia's membership.

The government has already approved the European and NATO communication strategy for the above-mentioned years.

The document also defines the functions and roles of the responsible state agencies.

International messages of the document are as follows: Georgia, as one of the oldest Christian countries with a young democracy and European values, makes important contributions to European and Euro-Atlantic security; Georgia is a successful example of democratic development in the EU and NATO's eastern neighbourhood; EU and NATO membership will contribute to the rapid consolidation of democracy in Georgia as well as the development of democratic processes in the region; Georgia is a reliable partner and an important transit corridor, which, among others, contributes to the energy security of Europe.

“Georgia carries out impressive reforms, strengthens democratic institutions, modernizes its defence structures and fights against corruption,” NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said when delivering a speech at the Elliot Schools of International Affairs of George Washington University last week.

According to him, all this is at least partly related to Georgia’s NATO aspirations.

“I have always been emphasizing the fact that similar reforms are important for moving closer to NATO, but fight against corruption and strengthening of democratic institutions are also very important”, he said, and added that the NATO door is open, and the decision on NATO expansion is to be made by the applicant countries and members states and “nobody has the right to interfere with this”.