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Problems of mountainous areas

By Messenger Staff
Friday, April 21
Unfortunately, Georgia has a number of mountainous regions that have been almost emptied, and it is amazing when we see those who refuse to leave their homes and live in difficult conditions in the mountainous parts of Adjara, Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili said during his visit to the Tsablana Village in the western Khulo municipality on April 19, where he paid tribute to victims of an ecological tragedy.

During his last meeting in the mountainous region of Adjara, Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili spoke about the necessity of improving living conditions for the mountainous population of Georgia. These territories are almost empties. In winter times the access to these places is almost impossible. The children cannot go to schools, as there are no proper classes there. There is often situation when population of these regions cannot receive medical care. The improper wood cuttings destroyed ecological system and such places are often under the threat of landslide.

Kvirikashvili spoke about the uniqueness of the Adjarian highlands, and noted that 'wonderful people' live in this region.

He stressed the government is trying to solve a problems for years and to provide victims of the disaster with housing.

He stressed that finances have been allocated and a house is being built for the victims of the tragedy.

On April 19 1989, a landslide claimed the lives of 23 people - including three children - in the village of Tsablana.

The Messenger has many times touched upon the problem of the mountainous regions, which are emptied due to the very hard economic conditions and practically have no normal educational prospects for the younger generations. That is why the younger generation abandons mountainous regions in search of better jobs and normal salary.

Since gaining the independence the Government of Georgia promised to see for this issue, but so far very little had been done.

Unfortunately, none of the governments of Georgia managed to settle the problem, which is becoming a burden; the capital city is becoming increasingly overcrowded, but development is chaotic, without proper studies of the grounds where new apartment buildings are built.

People living nearby very often protest new construction project. However, the city leadership continue to turn a blind eye to the issue in many cases.

Unfortunately, reactions are often belated in the country, and measures are often only taken when a fatality takes place.

This is a very serious problem and Georgia could attract tourists in those areas, but initially the proper investments should be made.