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100-point driving system approved

By Messenger Staff
Monday, April 24
A new system against road violations is coming into effect this summer.

Under the new system, drivers are given 100 points each year, which will be monitored on their license.

Points will be deducted each time a driver commits a traffic infringement. If drivers lose all the points, their license will be annulled and the driver must pass a test to reinstate their license. Meanwhile at the beginning of each year all points will be reinstated.

The points for each violation are as following:

Under the influence of alcohol when deriving: 20 points; if repeated the same year 30 points;

Driving under the influence of drugs or psychotropic substances: 30 points;

Driving a car that is not tested whether it is suitable to drive or not: 15 points;

Not using seatbelts: 10 points;

Using a mobile phone when driving: 15 points;

Not using a helmet when riding a bike or a similar transport: 5 points;

Driving a car that has been remade in an unprofessional manner beyond safety standards: 15 points;

Driving a car with dark glasses against rules as issued by the Interior Ministry: 5 points; if repeated for the second time, 10 points, and for a third time, 15 points;

Driving a car that caused light damage to a person, to anotherís property or infrastructure: 20 points;

Using special signals or lights on a car, or loud speaker devices: 15 points; if repeated, 20 points;

Not giving way to emergency vehicles, official escorts or similar: 15 points;

Driving a car that is not accordingly registered: 20 points;

Disobeying traffic patrol police commands: 25 points;

Exceeding the speed limit by 15km an hour: 10 points;

Exceeding the limit by those transporting people: 20 points;

Creating a risk for an accident due to excessive speed: 25 points;

If excessive speed caused bodily harm, fatalities or other damage: 40 points;

The 100-point system also applies to foreigners driving in Georgia.

If they lose all 100 points in a year, they will not be able to drive or will need a special decree from the Interior Minister to have the right to drive.

For its part, the Interior Ministry is obliged to send an SMS to a driver who has 20 points left and warn him/her about the possible threat of losing their right to drive.

These are key points one may lose when driving. Introducing the new system was very important, as the number of fatal accidents in Georgia is dramatically high and increases from year to year.

It is also very important that the police always be fair when fining people, and provide their evidence.

It would be also welcomed if the law becomes stricter for transporting babies without special safety devices.