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Draft of constitutional amendments defines right to internet access

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, April 26
The draft of the constitutional amendments which provides key changes to the country’s main legal code in various directions also concerns the right to internet access.

“Everyone has the right to have access to the internet and to freely use the internet”, the draft reads.

However, the note does not specify the speed of the internet.

Some experts and the media say that this addition to the constitution may trigger some legal disputes, as for example if for some reason an internet provider stops providing access to internet, then it would mean that it violates the constitutional right of the people of Georgia.

Access to the internet is essential in the modern world, as it enables people access a range of information in every sphere and discipline.

Access to the internet in all regions of Georgia will support young people in the country's regions and grant better educational opportunities for them.

However, young people from the regions still complain about the slow internet acess available to them, which takes a long time for them to download or watch certain types of information or videos.

It would have been better if the law had been more specific.

Internet providers must also take the responsibility to inform the population about any possible or planned terminations and the days and hours when internet access will not be available, as consumers generally pay for lost hours or days.

Bad weather still causes some problems for internet or television providers, and they must also work to ensure service in all weather conditions.