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Radars on roads

By Messenger Staff
Friday, April 28
Georgia’s Road Department says it will launch the installation of radar on Georgia’s roads in the coming months, especially at problematic areas, which will enable them to easily detect people violating traffic rules and prevent accidents.

“The installation of video radars throughout all Georgia is a project of unprecedented scope. Radar will also be installed on municipal roads in settled areas where road accidents and violation of traffic rules frequently take place,” the agency stated.

The government also plans to add two more lanes to the Kutaisi-Samtredia bypass highway.

They made this decision due to several deadly road accidents that have recently occurred, one of which a week ago claimed four lives, a pregnant woman among them.

In their previous statements, Interior Ministry representatives stated that it would be impossible for people to know beforehand where the radar is installed.

Many drivers in Georgia have a special mobile application installed which warns them about the whereabouts of speed cameras and sensors and the drivers generally slow down at the areas,when they may drive at high speeds on other sections of the same road.

It is important that the location of the radar remains unknown to drivers, as future fines will force them to be cautious at all sections of the road and follow the rules of the road.

The introduction of a special 100-point system for traffic violations that envisages the reduction of a certain amount of points for different traffic violations - 20 points for driving with high speed among them - will also play its role in combating traffic violations.

It is a positive sign that the government of Georgia finally decided to introduce tough measures against traffic violations.

It will be even better if the state leadership will also settle the problem of the country's damaged or dangerous road infrastructure.