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184B manats invested in Azerbaijan’s economy in 1993-2015

Tuesday, May 2
Fixed-capital investments for the development of Azerbaijan’s economy totaled 184 billion manats in 1993-2015, the country’s finance minister Samir Sharifov said in an article published in “Azerbaijan” newspaper.

If in 1993, the annual volume of investments in Azerbaijan was only 6.3 million manats, this figure reached 20 billion manats in 2015, the minister said in his article.

In general, these investments made it possible to build or reconstruct 2,124 schools, 351 kindergartens, 300 medical institutions, 144 tourist and cultural facilities, 82 sports and Olympic complexes in Azerbaijan in 2004-2015, according to the article.

The minister noted in his article that 1.48 million new jobs were created in Azerbaijan in 2004-2015, and 1.1 million of them were permanent, adding that at the same time, 66.4 percent of the created new jobs accounted for Azerbaijani districts.

“In 1995, Azerbaijan’s strategic currency reserves amounted to $250 million, but by the end of 2016, the country’s currency reserves reached $37 billion,” the article said.