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Ex-Parliament Speaker names people who can change politics

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, May 2
Georgia’s ex-Parliament Speaker, one of the most experienced politicians (and a renowned law expert) in the country, David Usupashvili, spoke about how the situation in Georgian politics may change to the positive.

Usupashvili, who quit one of the oldest political factions in the country, the Republican Party, in the wake of the last year’s Parliamentary Elections, after the party failed to overcome the minimal 5% threshold, has announced the creation of a new political force without naming its members.

He promised to name the members at the end of May, and also said the party would have candidates in the upcoming local elections.

Usupashvili claims the existing political situation in Georgia “isn’t enough” to guarantee the country’s development.

“Believe me, I know this very well,” he said.

He stressed that some people with excellent qualifications and intentions could do good things for the country, but refuse to get involved in politics.

“The country’s political living style both stirs and kills the desire to be engaged with politics,” Usupashvili said.

He vowed that the key aim of his party would be finding and assuring the relevant people who now stand far from politics to step into the country’s political life.

“The people must stand in the frontline. We [experienced politicians] will stand in the backline. We won’t remove our responsibilities, but we must allow the new ones in and help them, otherwise the new political party will be as unsuccessful as many others,” Usupashvili said.

Georgian politics really requires a new, different political force, composed of people who know how to work and serve the country.

Many in Georgia disliked the Republican Party, allegedly for their liberal views.

It will be interesting what Usupashvili’s rating will be away from the Republican Party, as many in Georgia respect him as a highly qualified, balanced, high-class politician.

If Usupashvili manages to do what he says, he could become a force to be reckoned with, especially when the ruling party and the key opposition parties are not as popular in people as they used to be.