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Republicans address Parliament and President over drug policy

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, May 4
The non-parliamentary Republican Party has addressed Parliament and the President of Georgia concerning the country's drug policies.

The party calls on Parliament and the President to take 'human steps' concerning the country's drug policy within the framework of their authority.

In particular, the party calls on Parliament to elaborate on the amnesty law of Georgia, according to which all those convicted according certain articles related to the usage of drugs be declared fully free from punishment and/or released from incarceration.

The party says the initiative serves towards the elaboration of the new drug policy that will be based on prevention and damage reduction, adequate and human sanctions as well as the rehabilitation of those addicted to drugs.

The Human Rights Committee in the Parliament of Georgia has recently backed the Government-proposed draft bill that envisages certain liberalisations made to the current strict drug policies.

However, the liberalisation mainly concerns marijuana, and no other drugs.

The draft law reads that the illegal production of small amounts of dried marijuana, crude marijuana and cannabis, as well as their purchase, possession or transportation, will not be punished with imprisonment.

In particular, a 'small amount' of dried marijuana is to be defined as up to 70g, while crude marijuana and cannabis will be set at 140g.

Anyone in possession of these amounts will have to pay a 300 GEL fine.

The state drug policy must be very strict towards drug dealers but also be very balanced in cases of usage.

The complete liberalisation of drug usage, as some opposition parties and certain NGOs demand, may somehow encourage bad habits and may lead to fatal consequences, especially with regards to the usage of chemical drugs.

Of course, it will be more welcomed if more treatment and rehabilitation programs are offered for drug users.