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Test road for practical driving exam 'may be unknown'

By Tea Mariamidze
Thursday, May 11
People hoping to earn a driving license will have to pass the practical part of the exam in real situations on the streets of Tbilisi and Rustavi.

The exact location of the test road may be unknown for those seeking to get the driving license.

At present, the driving license exam consists of both theory and practical tests.

The theory exam entails a test at a computer, which examines the theoretical knowledge of the person.

After passing the theory test, the examinees have to take a practical exam, which means driving a car at a special exam ground equipped with sensors.

However, from autumn 2017, a new system of the practical exam will be introduced, which means that the examinees will have to demonstrate their knowledge by driving in the city, along with a representative of the Interior Ministry.

The Director of the Research and Development Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Buba Lomuashvili, says that special streets have been chosen where the exam will be held.

“It is possible that the examinees will not know in advance at which street they will take the exam,” Lomuashvili said.

He also explained that the exam vehicles will be equipped with cameras and a relevant analytical program that will catch all violations.

“The passing of a driving exam in the real motion is a complex job that has been brought to the end,” Lomulashvili said.

The increased number of road accidents is believed to be caused by the absence of strict laws and inexperience of some beginner drivers.

A total of 30,174 people were deprived of their driving licenses in 2016 throughout Georgia.

However, the license is usually returned to the owner if they are deprived of it for the first time and pay a fine in exchange for it.

Around 550,000 cars move in the streets of Tbilisi during the day. The Interior Ministry also installed so-called smart cameras help the ministry reveal even minor violations.