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Trump sends letter to Georgia’s President

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Thursday, May 18
US President Donald Trump has sent a letter to the President of Georgia, Giorgi Margvelashvili, to congratulate him on the 25th anniversary of Georgia-America diplomatic relations. The Georgian President’s administration later released the letter.

“Mr. President, I would like to convey my warm wishes to you and the Georgian people in connection with the 25th anniversary of our diplomatic relations and express my sincere gratitude for our long friendship and cooperation,” reads the letter of the Republican President.

Trump says that in the first quarter century of the two countries’ partnership, the United States and Georgia created “close transatlantic relations”.

“We share common values and always stand against international terrorism and regional instability in order to defend these values,” the US President says.

“The United States supports Georgia's sovereignty and territorial integrity within the internationally recognized borders. We also support Georgia's right to define its own future.

“Georgia's independence and democracy is still inspiring for the world,” Trump says.

Trump stressed he and his administration are looking forward to future cooperation with the President and the government of Georgia for the development of shared values and the well-being of the two nations.

David Kramer, the former Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, says Georgia enjoys the bipartisan support in the United States and the most resent solutions of the US Congress and the President Trump, to suspend financial support to those countries that would recognize Georgia’s breakaway regions as independent states, was a signal for this.

Kramer believes Georgia should continue working to maintain and strengthen American support.

The Government of Georgia says they are taking all steps to ensure close ties with the new administration of the United States, to which end the Prime Minister visited the US earlier this month.