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11,000 failed national school exams

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, May 30
The Ministry of Education has revealed that about 11,000 students failed to pass the national school exams out of about 40,000 students.

The Georgian 12thgraders have to take exams in the Georgian language and literature, in a foreign language, mathematics, physics, history, geography and chemistry.

Only after passing the exams can the students apply to higher educational institutions.

Many criticized the education ministry and Minister Aleksandre Jejelava after the failure of the 11,000 students.

The Minister, meanwhile, stated that the failure was mainly in technical subjects and added that many people in European countries fail similar exams, and the students later applied for the vocational education.

In his earlier statements the minister also said that Georgia does not need so many people with a higher education when the state economy vitally needs people with a technical or vocational background.

The United National Movement opposition party proposed that school and university entrance exams be amalgamated, and a student will be able to attend a higher educational institution from the scores gained in the exam.

The large number of failed students indicates that Georgian schools still fail to fulfill their duties appropriately.

Most students who want to pass university exams generally have private teachers in several subjects, which means that schools fail to give them sufficient knowledge.

Georgian schools are still full of unqualified teachers. Those who are qualified generally refuse to teach, as salaries at schools are too low.

Without genuine reforms in the school system and more appreciation of the qualified staff, nothing will change.