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‘Universal payment system’ for municipal transport

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, June 8
Tbilisi may soon introduce a universal payment system in municipal transport, which will ensure payments both via special cards as well as by different banks’ plastic cards.

“We will announce a competition on the establishment of far more universal payment system in municipal transport which will ensure payment not only by metro cards, but plastic cards of different banks,” Tbilisi Mayor Davit Narmania announced.

He stressed it will be more comfortable for tourists and locals if they pay municipal transport fees via different cards.

“We have conducted voluminous surveys concerning public transport and improvement of its condition. The project of buses was the first stage. The metropolitan modernization project is also underway, which represents the next priority for us. The changes are aimed at the improvement of overall quality. At the moment no consultations are underway concerning tariffs and other issues, but payment systems will become better,” he said.

The step will really make payment more comfortable both for locals and those visiting the country, as they won’t have to buy special cards to use municipal transport.

However, people who use municipal buses know that many of them are already outdated and could one day create health risks for the passengers; in addition, they are already environmentally damaging. Tbilisi definitely requires better and more environment-friendly transport.

Also, there are people in municipal buses who generally control whether the people take the transport ticket or not.

Under the previous United National Movement leadership there were very strict rules, and those who refused to pay for a ticket were immediately fined and he/she had to leave the bus.

Now the attitude to such people isn’t as strict as it was, and some of those who refuse to pay for tickets openly abuse the conductors.

Georgians still need strict attitudes in order to obey its own laws and regulations.