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Republicans, Democrats for suspension of discussions on constitution

By Tea Mariamidze
Thursday, June 8
Two non-parliamentary opposition parties of Georgia, the Free Democrats and Republicans, call on Parliament to suspend discussions over constitutional amendments until the Venice Commission publishes its final report over the issue.

“We, the Free Democrats and the Republicans, are alarmed by the accelerated consideration of the constitutional amendments,” the parties stated.

The parties say that committee hearings have been launched while the government knows that the report of the Venice Commission will be published on June 17.

One of the leaders of the Republicans, Tamar Kordzaia, says that the government wants to obtain total control over the country.

“The ruling party clearly shows that it does not pay attention to the recommendations and positions of the opposition parties, the president, the Non-Governmental or international organizations,” she stressed.

Nino Goguadze, from the Free Democrats, says that the government should reach consensus over the issue with the other political forces.

“With such step the government promotes destabilization in the country because the constitution adopted only by one party will lead to destabilization in the country,” Goguadze stated at a press-conference.

The parliamentary discussions on constitutional amendments were launched on June 6. They followed nationwide discussions, held in eleven cities across Georgia.

Georgian Parliament Speaker, Irakli Kobakhidze said three days ago that the constitution draft would be discussed at the committee hearings that would be followed by its consideration with the first hearing at the Parliament’s special plenary session.

However, he added that instead of the planned plenary session set for June 12, the discussions would be launched after the Venice Commission final report, which will be published after its plenary session scheduled for June 16.

Kobakhidze said that Parliament would discuss the draft constitution with its two hearings in late June, while the third hearing would be held during Parliament’s autumn session.